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So your family and friends all think you are crazy because you want to give up the corporate office life and start your own business where you are happy and can do things you enjoy? Well, there is nothing really wrong with that, but you are going to need to explain to all these doubters why you are doing this. They need to understand the emotions behind your decision to give up a guaranteed paycheck every week to start something you may not make any profit out of for a few months, and why it is so important to you.

Of course, if you are one of those people that seems to miss all the fun family outings because you are constantly working in your office at all hours of the night and day, then this will be a bit easier for them to understand. Just tell them that you will be able to go to little Johnny’s baseball games more often and you can take baby Ann to her ballet practice from now on. That should at least get some of your family on board with you. But what do you say to your friends that happen to work at the same place that you do?

For your friends and co-workers, starting a home based business means they aren’t going to be able to see you as often as they do now. While that may not be a problem for those co-workers that you really don’t care to see anyway, the ones that you have become close friends with are going to have to settle for the occasional outing on their days off to see you. That can be a bit trickier, especially if they are really close friends, and a subtly must be taken when explaining your actions to them.

Then, there is also the attitude that it’s your life and your business and, if they don’t like it, they can walk away. That may not be the right attitude to take with everyone, though, as some of those people might be needed to help make your business a success in one way or another. You will need to explain that you are tired of making other people loads of money while you get a small pittance to live your life with, and you would much rather be the one making all the money for yourself, instead. That will usually make your friends understand what you are doing and might push them to make the same decision as well.

The most important thing to remember is that you need to talk to your family about your decision and get some input from them as to how they feel about it all. You can’t just put your life and family on hold while you play around online trying to make a business succeed without anyone knowing what you are doing. You need to sit your immediate family down and explain the ins and outs to them so that they fully understand why you are deciding to do this.

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